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Identifying the priorities in nursing research on disaster management: A Delphi study and international survey Psychological first aid training in disaster preparedness for nurses working with emergencies and traumas Mapping a postgraduate curriculum in disaster nursing with the International Council of Nursing's Core Competencies in Disaster Nursing V2.0: The extent of the program in addressing the core competencies
An illumination of the ICN’s core competencies in disaster nursing version 2.0: Advanced nursing response to COVID-19 outbreak in China A scoping review of resilience scales of adults to develop a prototype disaster resilience tool for healthcare rescuers Developing a tool for measuring the disaster resilience of healthcare rescuers: a modified Delphi study
Establishment of the Psychometric Properties of a Disaster Resilience Measuring Tool for Healthcare Rescuers in China: A Cross-Sectional Study Development of disaster nursing education and training programs in the past 20 years Evolution of disaster nursing research in the past 30 years
ICN Core Competencies in Disaster Nursing Version 2.0, Dec 2019 Psychological preparedness of disaster nurses COPE
The Role of Nurses in Disaster Management in Asia Pacific Bangkok Principles for the implementation of the health aspects of the Sendai Framework 2016 Improving Pacific Healthcare Through eLearning WPRO Western Pacific Region Office, 2015
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ICN Framework of Disaster Nursing Competencies ICN 2009 APEDNN Jinan Call to action 2008